"Upcoming Cursillo Weekends "

Men's #1212 February 23rd-26th 2023 | Women's #1213 March 23rd-26th 2023

Upcoming Cursillo Weekends

Men’s Cursillo

#TBD October 19th-22nd 2023

Women’s Cursillo

#1213 March 23rd-26th 2023
#TBD November 16th-19th 2023

Application & Sponsorship Form

All Candidates wishing to make a Cursillo have a “Sponsor” who serves as a helpful steward.

The application form contains two parts: one for the Candidate and the other for the Sponsor.  BOTH forms are required for registering as a Candidate for Cursillo.

Application & Sponsor Form (PDF)  Application & Sponsor Form (Word)